Skeleton Grinder

from by The Terrigen Mist

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The smell of piss and shit hangs thick in the air.
Walking through these halls of painted glass.
Mary, tell me what does thy virgin eyes fall upon?
Tragedy that floods every corner of my father's house?
God's unwanted children. Left in stinking, drooling heaps.
Brain dead and deformed. Abandoned by love and by time.
Grotesque visages defecating upon the floor.
Festering, moaning in pain.
This is my curse. What the angels saw fit to cast upon weak flesh.
Behold this crucified Christ. Hung just 'bove my chapel doors.
Day and night I pray. But from his hands, not a single refrain.
What must I do with my dead ones? The morgue over flows with rot.
My furnace choked with ash. His agonized eyes, they do not weep for me.
How could he create such wretched existence?
How could my lord allow such suffering?
My faith dwindles with my sanity.
Could it be that God doesn't exist?
The bible's teachings false?
His words only emptiness.
Body 'pon body, becoming an ever growing pussing sore.
My little ones, drone forward as the cross snaps in twain.
This is a house of gore. Bile seeping from every crack.
A river of blood flows forth from this mountain of pulsating sick.
If God will not save them, a sacrifice unto Satan.
Words of praise to the father above escape my lips no more.
Dark one, guide my hand as madness takes me and miasma fills my lungs.
I embrace the end of this mortal man. Becoming so much more than what once was.
My heart possessed by your infernal majesty.
I sit upon a throne of death. Robes of fetid flesh, crown of bone.
Scalp split wear horns have grown.
Denial of our creation met with utmost suffering.
For your darkened king, and for all that is dead.
If God will not save them, a sacrifice unto Satan.
I am the grinder of all. As the void opens up and hell swallows whole.
The dawn of man has come to an end.
Misanthropy reigns forever in me.
I am Belphegor.


from Laveyan, released November 27, 2012



all rights reserved


The Terrigen Mist Atlanta, Georgia

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