by The Terrigen Mist

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released January 20, 2010



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The Terrigen Mist Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Metaphysics
Cast away.
Torn away.
I used to pour light upon the sky.
Cast away.
Torn away.
Dead weight.
To think I once praised your name.
You showed me that all fathers abandon their sons.
You showed me that a child's prayers will go unheard.
All love betrays.
Track Name: Black Hearts Reign
For far too long this prison of the flesh has kept me blind.
This world of lust and greed has kept me dead.
The stench of these city gutters, overwhelming and decaying.
My home with liars and whores.
No shield from the falling sky.
Spare me these days.
Only effigies.
Every building, every street, every face.
In shadows what life can truly be found?
No prayers heard this far down.
Innocence made to die, twisted and grotesque.
Purity turned to shit.
Only black hearts reign in a world that would steal the very breath from an infant's lungs.
Oh angel of death come take me on through this wounded road.
As all I love rots away with time.
As all I love rots away.
I called on him.
He never answered.
Only black hearts reign.
Black hearts reign.
Track Name: Allegory of the Zodiac
I dreamt of death as your vultures flew.
My questions go unanswered.
Striped to the bone.
The years I had, the nights I prayed.
So fucking sick of every promise you made.
Let the wounds bleed for every love you abandoned.
And they grow deeper...
For everyone you left behind.
Trophy fuck.
Trophy scar.
Just stay away.
I dreamt of death as your vultures flew overhead.
I fell from a dead king's sky.
My wings now decayed.
This halo gone forever.
Faith dug my grave.
Reality's a joke.
God's a lie.
Let me stay detached from this emptiness.
Or just let me die like new born flesh when all life is meaningless.
I dreamt of death as your vultures flew.
Track Name: Prey To God
Innocence raped away.
And I hope no solace will they ever find for their ignorance of a child's pain.
Abomination of your own faith, but retribution never known.
The servants turn a blind eye.
God protects his own.
I watched them standing, all moved to tears.
With rapturous praise you played the victim.
They played the fool.
But I know what is behind clenched teeth.
Father I'm afraid you won't know my sins today.
Only the price I'll make you pay.
You thought you were safe up on your false cross.
But no pope, no cardinal, no holy lie will keep you from my sight.
Vengeance has wings this time.
Where is the absolution for the innocents ones?
No salvation from the darkness cast upon their hearts.
As you quickly took their young lives for your disgusting desires.
Father I'm afraid you won't know my sins today.
Only the price I'll make you pay.
Sodomized with your crucifix.
Castrated by my hand of hate.
I rip you from limb to limb.
Your intestines strewn across the room.
Your flesh consumed.