The Lunar Mechanism

from by The Terrigen Mist

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The truth is bitter and hard to swallow. Lying naked and restrained on a cold steel table.
His eyes fixed upon the beings that surrounded him.
Their gaze as lifeless and haunting as Nietzsche's abyss.
Chaos realized, bearing down upon his chest.
This universe is godless and random. His cries reach only the silence of space.
With this, his last breath is torn away. Blood drained.
DNA harvested for the higher purpose of The Greys.
Floating within the Merkabah with eyes unfluttering, I watched it all unfold.
I was shown fields of pods growing monstrous creatures the stars themselves never dared to dream.
Creating life from the death of a race.
Rebirth in plasma and ash. Becoming conscious.
I was shown the beginning and the end.
The cataclysm that shaped galaxies.
The coalesce of organic compounds and micro organisms.
The birth of this world.
Aeons of evolution passed before my perception.
The extinction of countless species and the reign of the sapien,
as the elder gods proclaimed: They were given many millennia to progress their age. Evolve or die. It seems the choice was made.
I witnessed from his hands only destruction.
A flawed genome killing his planet.
A refusal of growth of the frontal lobe.
Cultivating only war.
Leaving silent warnings on the relics and tombs of antiquity.
Coldly calculating the demise of their lesser children.
I couldn't help but weep.
The visage of the moon prepares to violently contort.
It catastrophically quakes. Shaking off years of dust and debris.
It glows as if a second sun were being born.
This is cosmic hell. Death from above.
The heavens rain fire upon The Earth. Razing it's surface.
The seas do boil, extinguishing all life therein.
The human race is reduced to ash.
They revealed to me:
"You are the first and the last.
The original image to which all humanity bows.
You are The Monad.
Adam Of Light!"
Now The Nephilim shall rise upon a blistered earth.
Taking place of the spoiled seed cast out.
Growing, evolving, waiting on the next return and judgement of the gods.
The cycle begins again.


from Laveyan, released November 27, 2012



all rights reserved


The Terrigen Mist Atlanta, Georgia

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