Pyramid Head

from by The Terrigen Mist

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From a cruel hand I was birthed upon this world, unwanted.
With chains I'm bound to this anguished mortal coil.
Forced to reap the outcome of a chaotic role of the dice.
The product of my unseen creator. Proclaiming, "Worship me or die".
Generations lost to such futile parentage.
Just play things to a father divine. All shall serve as slaves.
To live and to die as he sees fit. All life but his iniquitous game.
The whole world but a grave to me. I refuse the torment of my prison.
Abaddon shall welcome me, for our nightmares are the same.
It is better in the jaws of Cerberus than in the ever malevolent fist of a tyrant.
My brothers. My sisters. With Gnosis we spread our wings.
We conquer death to finish what the dark one began.
To you who the father abandoned, I promise vengeance shall be yours.
You, who the father forsaken, follow me into war.
The gates of Naraku now open. Revealing an army of the damned.
The Cherub's harps now ring with a song of oncoming death.
We storm the lighted kingdom. One thousand legions at my back.
I gorge my maw in angelic blood. The armies of heaven crushed like insects by the black.
His holiest of praise now transformed to screams of the agonized.
The Seraph's life, from all wounds it pours.
God's lowliest children now consume the hearts they once bore.
Dear father, let us embrace. Hell has come for thee.
My cup runneth over with the blood of the lamb.
From his skull I fashion my crown.
I was born to rip heaven from the sky.
From the earthly seas of salt. To the eternal ethereal cosmic.
My kingdom of perdition, rise.
All crosses set to invert. My fucking name burned into the coming age.
Fear no longer the demiurge. Forced to reap the seeds he sowed in us.
As below, so above.
All shall forever suffer the same.


from Laveyan, released November 27, 2012



all rights reserved


The Terrigen Mist Atlanta, Georgia

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